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"Our main mission is to take what you've already created and enhance it drastically through our creation process, so all audiences can enjoy your amazing content. Let us help you reach new heights without any added workload on your shoulders."
Scott Jefferson
CEO at Legacy Creations
(hint: That's me! 😁)
Success is measured by numbers.
Here are ours.
We've been able to help our clientele reach great metrics and more than triple their current following across all social platforms. We know what works in today's market and are constantly adapting our systems to maximize growth for our clientele at all times.
Average Views Per Video
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Average Human
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Proud Creator for
Upper Hand Fantasy!
Scott and his team are very talented, but more importantly continue to demonstrate extreme ownership and accountability for every piece of work they deliver. Quality and reliability is the norm for this group.
~ Faraz Siddiqi, CEO of Upper Hand Fantasy
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What We Provide
At Legacy Creations, we do more than create short videos. We establish a revamped social presence for our clients using custom content and brief media as our gateway.
Quick & Engaging Content
Every video created goes through a series of quality checks by our best team members. With this quality check, we make sure that each video has many captivating moments and is delivered swiftly.
Custom Video Design Style
We create a new style of design for all of our clients to help build their brand's creativity. Although all brands have unique elements to their design, we stay within the constraints that works best.
Repurposing Longer Content
We create new pieces of content using the content that you have already created. This is an efficient way to spread your message 2X more effectively and you only do the work one time.
Based out of New York.
Servicing the Entire World.
What is Short Form Content?
Short Form Content are videos that are usually less than 60 seconds.
This style of content is usually very quick and easily digestible. It's a good way to get your message across in a really brief visual that keeps your target audience engaged.